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Supreme Court to Review Landmark Abortion Case

In the almost five decades since the Roe decision, science has come a long way. By 15 weeks, children in the womb have fully formed noses and lips, eyelids and eyebrows. Isn't it time the law reflects the science?

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Kathy Ireland
"What I love about Susan B. Anthony List, this organization fights for the
baby and the mother."

– Kathy Ireland

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– Vice President Mike Pence

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You are doing God’s work
and making our world a better place."

– Nikki Haley

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Susan B. Anthony List in the News

Donovan: Mississippi Leans into Life

June 17, 2021 -

News that the Supreme Court has accepted a case out of Mississippi involving a limit on abortion later than 15 weeks has the talking heads chattering a mile a minute. Could this case result in a victory for advocates of life? Could babies be protected from abortion before “viability,” a point that has moved earlier in pregnancy but is not (yet) at 15 weeks? Could the Court even go further and reverse Roe v. Wade and later cases that struck down the pro-life laws of all 50 states?

Dannenfelser and James: The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

June 13, 2021 -

Our federal government’s most sacred duty is to safeguard the right to life for all Americans. Yet current federal law allows our most vulnerable citizens — newborn babies who are born alive after botched abortions — to be neglected, denied medical care, and left on the abortionist’s table gasping for air until they ultimately succumb to death.

"Abortion is the high, holy sacrament of the Democratic Party — such a hallowed, revered rite that not even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a professed Roman Catholic and mother of five, can dare speak against it."…

Latest from the Newsroom

4th Circuit Blocks North Carolina’s Pro-life Law

June 16, 2021 -

“The 4th Circuit’s egregious decision illustrates exactly why Supreme Court review is needed. All states should be able to protect unborn children after five months of pregnancy – a point by which we know these babies can feel pain. North Carolinians, like most Americans, reject the extreme status quo of abortion on demand through birth and are eager to humanize our laws – advancing legislation this year to stop discrimination abortions and protect babies who survive abortions. Their efforts are part of a nationwide groundswell of almost 500 pro-life bills introduced this year alone, 89 of them and counting enacted in law. The circuit court is dramatically out of step with the consensus of the people.

“We thank our local allies fighting for the right to protect the most vulnerable and we look forward to seeing the case appealed.”

TODAY: Congressional Democrats Push for Federal Abortion Takeover in Deceptively Named “Women’s Health Protection Act”

June 16, 2021 -

“The deceptively named ‘Women’s Health Protection Act’ is an extreme federal takeover that would directly attack the rights of the American people to enact and enforce pro-life laws through their duly elected legislators,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.  

“Washington Democrats are dramatically out of touch when it comes to abortion. Americans nationwide want to humanize our laws by passing reasonable limits on abortion, not expand abortion on-demand by a federal mandate that would block existing protections for women and their unborn children.”