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The Susan B. Anthony List team fights for the election of women and men who will fight for life. We fight for laws that safeguard the innocent, and we develop research to demonstrate the good that flows from society from their protection.

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Trump Slams Clinton’s Abortion Extremism

October 19, 2016 -

Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser offered the following comment in response to the exchange on abortion during tonight’s final presidential debate:

“For the first time Hillary Clinton was pressed to own up to the fact that there is not one circumstance in which she would protect the right to life of an unborn child – even a baby who is moments from birth. Donald Trump described well the horror of partial birth abortion, a brutal procedure once used for late-term abortions.

Designer Humans from Artificial Eggs?

October 17, 2016 -

This afternoon The Telegraph reported that, for the first time, artificial eggs have been grown in a petri dish and used to create living animals. Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), which opposes the destruction and manipulation of human embryos that would be required to replicate this experiment with human beings, offered the following comment:

“Are human beings simply commodities to be manufactured, or is there still some inherent worth in each human being?