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Most Pro-Abortion Administration. Ever.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their pro-abortion allies in Washington are determined to use the White House to force taxpayer funding of abortion, coerce pro-life medical personnel to participate in abortions, expand the Supreme Court and more.

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"I want to thank you for the great job you did, it was amazing.
Everyone is talking about it.
They say you knocked on one million doors. Boy, that's a lot of doors."

– President Donald J. Trump

Kathy Ireland
"What I love about Susan B. Anthony List, this organization fights for the
baby and the mother."

– Kathy Ireland

"Susan B. Anthony List is the
most effective
grassroots pro-life organization in America."

– Vice President Mike Pence

"When you save one life, you set an entire universe in motion... That’s what Susan B. Anthony List is all about. So, I say this without an ounce of exaggeration:
You are doing God’s work
and making our world a better place."

– Nikki Haley

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Susan B. Anthony List in the News

Sander Lee, Prentice, Rose: Policymakers Must Prevent Unethical ‘Baby in a Bottle’ Science Experiments

May 7, 2021 -

Scientists have now successfully grown baby mice in the lab, outside the natural womb. They are pushing to do the same with human babies. It's not a horror movie yet, but it could be very soon.

Hyde-Smith, Skop: The Biden administration puts the abortion industry before the health of women

May 7, 2021 -

This should not be a pro-life versus pro-choice issue. Unsupervised chemical abortion is dangerous for women and should never be allowed by a nation that truly cares for the health and well-being of its citizens.

Congratulations @LilaGraceRose on the release of your book #FightingForLife! Combining personal stories with advice, Fighting for Life is a guidebook on how to be a force for good in the world. @LiveAction Get it here (use the code SBA20 for 20% off):…

Latest from the Newsroom

Pro-life Victory: NC House Approves Ban on Discrimination Abortions; Onward to the Senate

May 6, 2021 -

“We are proud to see the deeply pro-life state of North Carolina take this important step toward ending lethal discrimination against vulnerable, unborn children,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser, a North Carolina native. “In North Carolina and across the nation, the people are sending a clear message to pro-abortion politicians and to the Supreme Court: the extreme status quo imposed by Roe v. Wade has been rejected. State legislators acting on their constituents’ will have introduced more than 530 pro-life bills this year alone – 61 of them enacted in law. Despite a pro-abortion administration in Washington, life is winning in America and momentum is only growing.

“We thank NC House Reps. Pat McElraft, John Bradford, Kristin Baker, and Dean Arp, as well as our good friend and advocate Tami Fitzgerald, for working to advance this humane bill. We urge the state Senate to swiftly follow suit, and Governor Cooper to heed and not block North Carolinians’ will.”

TX House Passes Heartbeat Act; Pro-life Momentum Surging in TX and Nationwide

May 6, 2021 -

“This legislation protecting every child with a beating heart makes a bold statement that Texas deeply values life, and we’re pleased to see it advance. We applaud Reps. Shelby Slawson, Stephanie Klick, Candy Noble, and Valoree Swanson, valiant members of our National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus, for championing this bill – showing that pro-life, authentically pro-woman leadership makes a powerful impact.

“Texas is leading the way again by taking proactive steps to stop the expansion of chemical abortion drugs – establishing vital safeguards on these dangerous drugs even as the Biden-Harris administration pushes to turn every post office and pharmacy into an abortion center. Texas’s efforts to protect the most vulnerable are part of an unprecedented surge of pro-life momentum in statehouses nationwide and we look forward to seeing Gov. Abbott sign these bills into law.”