Media Advisory: State Officials to Address Growing Pro-life Momentum in States Ahead of Landmark Dobbs Decision

“With courage and compassion Governor Noem, Lieutenant Governor Evette, and Attorney General Cameron have championed the protection of unborn children and their mothers. They represent thousands of elected officials nationwide who are poised to lead fearlessly on the life issue after the Dobbs decision,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

“The U.S. is one of seven nations – including China and North Korea – that allow late-term abortion on demand more than halfway through pregnancy, well after unborn babies feel pain. Americans overwhelmingly reject such extreme policies, yet our elected lawmakers are shackled to Supreme Court precedents that in effect allow unlimited abortion up until birth,” she continued. “It’s time to return this issue back to the people to decide through their elected representatives. We hope the Court will soon allow all states to modernize our laws and protect women and children.”

SBA List Celebrates Alumna Prudence Robertson, New Host of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

“In her role at Susan B. Anthony List, Prudence connected with movers and shakers in pro-life advocacy and excelled at communicating a winsome pro-life message in the media,” said SBA List Vice President of Communications Mallory Quigley. “Prudence truly knows the pulse of the pro-life movement and will hit the ground running as host. Our team is so proud of all she accomplished at SBA List and is excited to continue working with her and the EWTN Pro-Life Weekly team to bring vital stories and analysis to millions of EWTN viewers worldwide.”

SBA List Urges Florida Legislature to Swiftly Enact 15-Week Limit to Stop Late-Term Abortions

“We urge the Florida Legislature to swiftly pass and send to Governor DeSantis’s desk this groundbreaking pro-life legislation that would finally end brutal late-term abortions in the Sunshine State,” SBA List State Policy Director Sue Liebel.  “Abortions after 15 weeks are gruesome and inhumane for unborn children and increasingly dangerous for the mother with every passing week. We commend Senator Kelli Stargel and Representative Erin Grall, both members of Susan B. Anthony List’s National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus, for their strong leadership. Governor DeSantis is a strong pro-life leader and we look forward to seeing him swiftly sign this bill into law.”

SD Legislative Cmte. Approves Noem’s Rule Blocking Dangerous Abortion Drugs

“We are so grateful for Governor Noem’s strong pro-life, pro-woman leadership. The Biden administration is ignoring the science on the serious risks of chemical abortion, putting the lives of both unborn children and their mothers in grave danger to boost the abortion industry’s bottom line. Chemical abortion has a fourfold higher rate of complications compared to surgical abortion. Now more than ever, it is urgent for state leaders to fight the threat of mail-order abortion drugs. We thank Gov. Noem for her bold leadership and anticipate more states will take action this year.”

SBA List Launches Campaign to Thank Senator Manchin for Opposing Biden Pro-Abortion Spending Bill

“We commend Senator Manchin for standing strong this entire year to protect unborn children and keep American taxpayer money away from the radical abortion lobby. He’s right: he would not be able to explain to West Virginians, some of the most pro-life people in our country, a vote that would have expanded gruesome painful abortions and forced his constituents to pay for it. His courage has saved countless lives, and it has not gone unnoticed.”