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NEW Film Exposes True Story of Radical Roe v. Wade Decision; Supported by Independent Fact-Check

“This movie sheds light on the radical, profoundly undemocratic nature of Roe v. Wade,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Almost half a century later, Roe remains so shrouded in misunderstanding and misinformation, many Americans are unaware that it rendered the United States one of only seven nations to allow unlimited abortion through birth. When they understand this, they overwhelmingly reject it – yet Roe denies states the right to enact pro-life laws reflecting the will of the people. We hope the Supreme Court realizes this issue is not going anywhere, and that they will soon take up one of the many cases headed their way that challenges current abortion jurisprudence. 

AZ House Passes Landmark Pro-life Protections

“We’re pleased to see the Arizona legislature taking bold steps to pass this strong pro-life bill,” said SBA List State Policy Director Sue Liebel. “With over 400 pro-life bills now introduced across the nation in this year alone, it is clear the nation is surging to humanize our laws and protect our most vulnerable children, including babies diagnosed with Down syndrome before birth who are all too frequently targeted for lethal discrimination. This bill also stops the abortion industry from turning every post office and pharmacy in Arizona into an abortion center in the event that the Biden administration rolls back FDA safety regulations on these dangerous drugs.

TX Senate Passes Vital Safeguards Against Dangerous Abortion Drugs

“We applaud the Texas legislature for taking proactive steps to stop the reckless expansion of dangerous chemical abortion drugs. Emboldened by a pro-abortion White House and Congress, the radical abortion lobby is pushing to turn every post office and pharmacy into an abortion center – leaving women to fend for themselves without medical supervision. This bill would not only protect unborn children but also would provide vital safeguards for women, making them aware of the serious side effects that can result from chemical abortions which include severe bleeding, infection, incomplete abortions, or even death.

“We thank State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr., the author of the bill, for taking this bold step to save moms and babies from dangerous chemical abortions.”

SCOTUS Will Hear Kentucky AG’s Case in Defense of Dismemberment Abortion Ban

“It is encouraging news that the Supreme Court will hear this case,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “We commend Attorney General Daniel Cameron for doing everything in his power to defend Kentucky’s pro-life laws, including its ban on barbaric live-dismemberment abortions, which was enacted with overwhelming bipartisan support. State legislators acting on the will of the people have both the duty and the right to protect their most vulnerable citizens – born and unborn. We look forward to seeing this right upheld.”