Timeline: Censorship of Pro-life Speech by Big Tech

Timeline: Censorship of Pro-life Speech by Big Tech

Public record shows that big tech companies have exhibited a pattern of censoring pro-life speech, some going so far as to ban pro-life accounts altogether. Meanwhile, pro-abortion groups enjoy the services that these social media platforms provide, reaching millions of Americans every day to promote abortion extremism.



  • October 9: Facebook censors Charlotte Lozier Institute educational video on late-term abortion, featuring Micah Pickering, who was born at 22 weeks old. Facebook cited violation of its policy against promoting sensational/graphic content.[1]
  • October 12: Facebook censors Charlotte Lozier Institute educational video on late-term abortion, featuring Charlotte, who was born at 24 weeks old. Facebook cited violation of its policy against promoting sensational/graphic content.[2]
  • October 15: Facebook censors SBA List Charlotte ad for the second time, for violation of its policy against promoting sensational/graphic content. [3]
  • October 23: Facebook censors SBA List ads promoting candidates Kim Reynolds and Josh Hawley during 2018 midterm elections against abortion extremists.[4][5]
  • October 25: Facebook censors SBA List ads slamming candidates Josh Welle and Connor Lamb for abortion extremism.[6][7]
  • October 30: Facebook censors ad promoted by allied group of SBA List promoting candidate Kim Reynolds for Governor.
  • November 1: Facebook censors SBA List ad promoting Marsha Blackburn for Senate, citing their policy that disallows “low quality ads” that could “withhold or exaggerate information to entice people to click on the ad.” That same day, Facebook also censored a similar SBA List ad supporting Matt Rosendale for Senator against abortion extremist Jon Tester.[8][9]


  • February 20: Facebook censors an SBA List/Charlotte Lozier Institute education campaign highlighting the benefits of stem cell transplants, stating that the video included “shocking, sensational, or excessively violent content, which could create an unexpected experience for users.”







  • August 30: Facebook labeled two videos posted by Live Action as “false news. The videos debunk the myth that abortion is “medically necessary.”[10][11]














  • Twitter bans Live Action and President Lila Rose’s personal account from running paid advertisements due to their use of ultrasound images, criticism of the abortion industry, and advocating to end taxpayer-funded abortion.


  • March 5: SBA List attempts to promote four tweets by its President, Marjorie Dannenfelser, on the #daywithoutawoman. Twitter rejects all four tweets, citing violation of their Health and Pharmaceutical Products and Services Policy. The tweets promote a day without abortion, and state that abortion is profoundly anti-woman.[12][13][14][15]







  • April 12: SBA List is informed by Twitter that they are ineligible to participate in Twitter ad promotion after tweeting about their campaign to urge Mark Meadows to pass a health care bill to defund Planned Parenthood and end taxpayer funding of abortion. Twitter cited their Health and Pharmaceutical Products and Services Policy. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood promoted a similar tweet in March of 2017.










  • May 18: Twitter permanently bans Live Action from running ads on their platform unless they removed content deemed to be inappropriate. The ads included information about fetal development and celebrate the lives of unborn children. Other ads and tweets fact-checked Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.








  • October 8: Twitter takes down then-candidate for TN Senate Marsha Blackburn’s campaign ad, which included a statement about her work to stop Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts.[16]











  • Pinterest permanently bans Live Action from having a profile on their platform, labeling all of their content as “porn.”[17][18]



  • January 30: TikTok temporarily bans Live Action for “multiple community guidelines violations.” Live Action’s posts on the platform shared positive stories of moms choosing life for their babies.[19]














  • YouTube demonetizes Live Action and bans paid ads on the grounds that their “pro-life educational and political content” could be qualified as “pornographic.[20]


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