Donovan: Amy Coney Barrett as a person of character

The truth is that most people of character – who practice the traits of honesty, respect for what belongs to others, concern for the vulnerable and the weak – are responding to principles laid out in the tenets of religion. We should want individuals in public life who hold to the tenets of the Ten Commandments, and acknowledge that their doing so is a boon to our common life and not the mark of religious overreach.

Dannenfelser: Trump and Republicans are right to move a Supreme Court nominee immediately

Pro-life people should be greatly encouraged that the president is moving swiftly to fill this seat, as well as by the names under consideration. Earlier this month, Trump released an updated list of 20 potential nominees in addition to his existing list — and it is filled with all-stars. Two brilliant women jurists who are considered front-runners, Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa, are no exception.

Marjorie Dannenfelser: Pro-Life Has Proven To Be a Winning Issue – Here’s How We Win

For Susan B. Anthony List to fully mobilize for the 2014 election, we needed support from donors at a higher level than ever before. Our super PAC, Women Speak Out, set out to assemble and mobilize the largest-ever pro-life ground game in key battleground Senate races, including Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina and Kansas. We needed to bring our message directly to the voters and show candidates we could help them win.

Susan B. Anthony’s Dannenfelser Sees ‘Turning Point’ After Ginsburg

The successor to late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be a “turning point” in the history of abortion law, according to Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. Dannenfelser added a call for the GOP-led Senate (53-47) to move “swiftly” after the death of the 87-year-old Supreme Court Justice known as RBG. “This is a turning point for the nation in the fight to protect its most vulnerable, the unborn.”

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly Episode 182: Analysis of President Trump’s Updated SCOTUS List

In the latest episode of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly: President Donald Trump added 20 names to the list of Supreme Court candidates he’s pledged to choose from if he has future vacancies to fill – we have expert analysis with co-founder, Amy Howe, and Susan B. Anthony List’s Marilyn Musgrave… and much more!