Exclusive Interview with Rep. Ashley Hinson, member of the House Appropriations Committee

A House subcommittee has repealed the Hyde amendment in their spending budget proposal – we get reaction from Rep. Ashley Hinson of Iowa, who sits on the key House Appropriations Committee. Autumn Christensen, federal policy director for the Susan B. Anthony List, breaks down why this budget proposal is especially alarming for pro-lifers… and much more!

Rapp, Dannenfelser: Please urge your legislators to support the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act”

Shamefully, not a single Democrat in Pennsylvania’s House delegation has signed on – not even Reps. Susan Wild, Matt Cartwright or Conor Lamb. Although they consistently vote pro-abortion, they are all up for re-election in competitive districts next year, in a deeply pro-life state. And this legislation is decidedly popular.

Exclusive Interview with Rep. Jeff Fortenberry

Representative Jeff Fortenberry, a Catholic congressman, referenced Pope Francis in a powerful speech against the funding of abortions abroad – we speak with him directly… and much more!

Dannenfelser & Longbons: Biden’s Budget Proposal Contradicts Majority of Americans Who Oppose Taxpayer-funded Abortion

For more than four decades, policies that prevent tax dollars from subsidizing abortion have enjoyed bipartisan support, including from then-Senator Biden. There’s a broad consensus that they are effective in saving lives by reducing abortion – nearly 2.5 million people are here today thanks to the Hyde Amendment.