Dannenfelser: How to Protect Unborn Life in a Post-Roe America

As Roe v. Wade turns 49 this month, the Supreme Court may soon overturn or significantly modify its abortion precedents, restoring the American people’s power to protect unborn children and their mothers in the law. This is a dream decades in the making—but even an unequivocal win will represent the start, not the end, of the pro-life movement’s work to rebuild a culture of life.

Catherine Hadro’s Last Show

In what is Catherine Hadro’s last show as host of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly, she is joined in-studio by the founder of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ), and Susan B. Anthony List’s Mallory Quigley to reflect on the past five years of the show and the pro-life movement… and much more!

Dannenfelser: The pro-life movement is rising to the moment

“Fear not.” Even the bravest and best of us needs to hear that age-old message sometimes, whether it’s a woman unexpectedly pregnant, a new father grappling with big responsibilities, or the common people of a nation facing a pivotal decision. Right now, those are my words of encouragement to our pro-life Republican friends, who may have dreamed but not expected that the end of abortion could come so soon.