EWTN Pro-Life Weekly Episode 66: Pro-Life Democrat Dan Lipinski

In the latest episode of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly (May 31 & June 3): Representative Dan Lipinski, a Catholic Congressman and 1 of only 3 pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives, tells us about the pressures he’s faced because of his pro-life views. Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List, walks us through… READ MORE

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly Episode 62: Defunding Planned Parenthood of Title X

In the latest episode of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly (May 3 & 6): More than 150 Members of Congress, 40 Senators, and 85 pro-life groups tell the Trump administration’s HHS Department to revise Title X regulations so Planned Parenthood is cut off from nearly $60 million – we discuss with Senator Joni Ernst from Capitol Hill… READ MORE