Liberal Senator Sherrod Brown is a pro-abortion extremist. Brown opposes popular, common-sense legislation that would limit late-term abortions of unborn babies after 5 months, when a baby can feel excruciating pain. Brown’s radical pro-abortion supporters even oppose parental consent laws before a minor can have an abortion, and favor a barbaric procedure known as partial-birth abortion. Brown supports using your tax dollars to pay for abortions. Brown even voted against Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court because he isn’t an abortion rights activist.

The SBA List field team is on the ground in Ohio visiting homes to educate voters on Senator Brown’s abortion extremism.

Canvassers: 159

Homes Visited: 355,130


Michelle AshleyOhio Field Director

Jenn GirouxSouthwest Ohio Field Director

Virginia ClineField Director

Ellen TrepanierNortheast Ohio Field Director


Photos of our Ohio canvassers on the ground