Liz Cheney

"I believe deeply in pro-life values, and as the mother of five terrific kids, I live these values everyday. Washington’s priorities must be refocused in support of a culture that celebrates life, strengthens faith and sustains healthy families."


Liz Cheney lives with her husband Phil and their five children in Wilson, Wyoming. Their families have been residents of the state for generations. Liz has practiced law and served in the State Department, as well as being actively involved in her community. Liz is incredibly pro-life and believes in the value of every life, both born and unborn. Liz has pledged that as a member of Congress, she will fight for the sanctity of all human life, particularly the lives of the defenseless unborn, and will lead the effort to have Planned Parenthood defunded, investigated and shut down.

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Election Day: November 6, 2018
Candidate Website: https://http://
Press Release: SBA List Endorses Rep. Liz Cheney for Re-election in WY-AL (July 31, 2018)