Irina Vilariño


Irina Vilariño (FL-26) is a businesswoman who runs several restaurants and real estate investments in Florida. As a single mother to her eight-year-old daughter, she has a special place in her heart for women facing crisis pregnancies.

Irina is a first-generation immigrant from Cuba, where it is as easy to get an abortion as it is to take painkillers. Knowing this, Irina is committed promoting the dignity of life as the core value on which all other values rest. She is dedicated to building a culture of life in Congress and is passionate about the Paid Family Leave Act. This legislation would strengthen paid-leave benefits for parents of adopted and newborn children.

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Endorsement Press Release: SBA List Candidate Fund Endorses Slate of Pro-life Women for 2020
Primary Election: August 18, 2020
General Election: November 3, 2020