Senator Joe Donnelly supports the Big Abortion Industry, not Hoosier values:

  • Joe Donnelly cast a deciding vote for Obamacare, which uses your tax dollars to pay for health care plans that cover abortion on-demand.
  • Joe Donnelly voted for taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, which performs over 320,000 abortions every year.
  • Joe Donnelly voted to force states to keep funding Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars even after Congressional investigations revealed that they marketed, sold, and profited from the sale of aborted baby parts.

The SBA List field team is on the ground in Indiana visiting homes to educate voters on Senator Donnelly’s abortion extremism.

Homes Visited: 368,451

Canvassers: 144


Jodi SmithIndiana Field Director

Sandy BurtonIndianapolis Indiana Field Director

Karlie HeimerFort Wayne Indiana Field Director

Cheryl JohnsonField Director


Photos of our Indiana canvassers on the ground