Barbara Comstock

“I am opposed to federal funding for abortion.”


Barbara Comstock was an aide to Congressman Frank Wolf (R – VA) and went on to be the Chief Counsel on the largest House committee tasked with investigations into waste, fraud, and abuse.
In the House of Representatives, Rep. Comstock has supported legislation to protect babies 20 weeks into a pregnancy, at the point at which they can feel pain, legislation to protect babies who survive abortion, and to stop taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood. After Planned Parenthood was caught on tape involved in the trafficking of fetal body parts, Rep. Comstock joined her pro-life colleagues in calling for investigations of the abortion giant.
Rep. Comstock founded “The Young Women’s Leadership Program” for young women in high school and junior high. The program is designed to inspire the next generation of young women by bringing them together with women leaders in a variety of careers and professions throughout our region.

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Primary Date: June 12, 2018
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Press Release: Pro-life Rep. Barbara Comstock Wins VA-10 Primary (June 12, 2018)