Candidate Fund

The Candidate Fund finances and endorses pro-life candidates for congress and high state public office

Since our founding in 1992, SBA List has financed and endorsed over 110 winning members of Congress. We will have helped to nurture a first generation of women leaders who have embraced the cause of Life and advanced in public office.

We support candidates in three key ways:

  • Direct Support: The SBA List Candidate Fund contributes directly to selected campaigns
  • Bundled Checks: The SBA List asks members to contribute to the endorsed candidates of their choice, making the checks payable to the campaigns. The checks are then collected by the SBA List Candidate Fund, “bundled” together with other members’ checks and sent to the candidates
  • Independent Expenditures: The SBA List Candidate Fund runs Independent Expenditure Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) programs in targeted districts, designed to turn out pro-life voters on Election Day.

Contact the Candidate Fund

SBA List Candidate Fund Endorsement Criteria

  • BE a pro-life woman running for election to Congress or statewide office OR be a pro-life man running for election to Congress or statewide office against a pro-abortion woman*
  • Complete our candidate questionnaire
  • Be a viable candidate
  • Be interviewed by the SBA List
  • Earn the official approval of our Candidate Selection Committee

By marshaling the power of our membership behind the pro-life heroes who meet our endorsement criteria and need it most, the Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund shapes the pro-life political landscape

Candidate Endorsements are considered on a rolling basis. If you know of a candidate that we should consider and meets the above criteria, email