About Susan B. Anthony List

SBA List’s mission is to end abortion by electing national leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders.

SBA List combines politics with policy, investing heavily in voter education to ensure that pro-life Americans know where their lawmakers stand on protecting the unborn, and in issue advocacy, advancing pro-life laws through direct lobbying and grassroots campaigns.

SBA List is a family of organizations, an arsenal designed not to hurt but to heal; not to shame but to shield. We invite you to stand tall with us in that arena, to encircle the vulnerable ones who need us, and to fight until they are safe and free.

Our Six Point Mission


Elect pro-life women or pro-life men who oppose pro-abortion women to Congress through our SBA List Candidate Fund.


Educate voters on critical pro-life issues and on upcoming legislation throughout the country.


Train and equip pro-life activists nationwide to run successful political and grassroots campaigns


Promote positive responses in both traditional and new media to dispel the myths and distortions of the abortion lobby.


Advocate passage of pro-life legislation in Congress, directly with legislators and through mobilizing direct citizen lobbying.


Connect legislative and electoral consequences through our Votes Have Consequences Program.

SBA List Leadership

Our Staff