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Jul 3, 2013
This July 4, We Must Protect Everyone's Inalienable Rights

Unborn children will be spared from abortion tomorrow only because most abortion centers will be closed so that their employees can celebrate Independence Day. 

In the past few years, the abortion lobby has increasingly moved away from its rhetoric about “choice,” toward rhetoric about “reproductive rights” and “reproductive justice.”  Abortion-supporting writer Natasha Chart recently wrote an article titled Just Have the Baby?  A New Mom Reveals Why There is No ‘Just,’ and Not Necessarily Any Justice Either for the pro-abortion site RH Reality Check.  Chart lamented that we need abortion because pregnancy makes women fat, requires them to buy maternity clothes, and can make their feet swell. 

“There’s no ‘just’ about having a baby.  And not necessarily any justice, either,” Chart wrote. 

Since America’s founding, women have made significant progress—gaining suffrage, advancing to top positions in every career field, and holding elected office, for example.  But girls face the very real possibility of being aborted when they are young and most vulnerable, both in America and around the world. 

Despite the abortion industry’s allegations that it believes in justice and rights for all women, it’s not interested in stopping gendercide—the deliberate extermination of baby girls just because of their gender, a growing global problem

Last summer, Live Action released undercover videos showing the abortion industry’s complacency in providing sex-selective abortions to eliminate baby girls.  There’s nothing “just” about killing very young girls just because of their gender. 

As we celebrate Independence Day, let’s not forget that even though women are equal under American law, baby girls are being targeted just for being girls.  There isn’t any freedom or justice for victims of abortion. We must work to make America a place where everyone is guaranteed the inalienable right to life. 

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Jul 1, 2013
Texas Update: Urgent Action Needed


The Texas Legislature convenes for the second special session today, and abortion legislation is sure to occupy the spotlight. Last Tuesday, a disruptive mob of abortion radicals stormed the state senate, stopping the bill from being passed in time.

However, stalwart pro-life leader Governor Perry is confident that SB5 will succeed this time around. “It will pass overwhelmingly and will become the law in the state,” Perry said Friday. “I think the voice of the people of Texas will be heard.”

The Texas legislation seeks to enact measures necessary to protect women and their preborn children, including: banning abortion after 20 weeks (when the unborn child feels the excruciating pain of abortion), requiring health and safety regulations that ambulatory surgical centers are required to hold, requiring that doctors have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, and prohibiting dangerous webcam abortions. Following protocol, Republicans stopped Wendy Davis’ filibuster and voted 19-10 to pass the bill. However at that point, abortion extremists stormed the senate building, disrupting the process and effectively trampling the democratic process to push their radical agenda through.

However, Perry affirmed that he will not tolerate this behavior. “We will not allow the breakdown of decorum and decency to prevent us from doing what the people of this state hired us to do,” he said.

When asked her reaction to the second session, Davis responded, “I'm an eternal optimist. I believe in people; I believe in the power of democracy. And I'm going to fight with every fiber I have to keep it from passing.” Davis’ answer is somewhat baffling for two reasons. First, if the democratic process had been allowed to play out correctly—if abortion supporters did not violently flood the senate—SB5 would have passed. Second, a majority of Texans, almost two-thirds, back the ban on abortion after 20 weeks. By blocking a piece of legislation that a majority of citizens support, Davis is pushing for her personal ideology rather than serving the people.

In order to remind Davis and other abortion extremists that the majority of Americans and women support the ban, a coalition of pro-life organizations is endorsing the #Stand4Life tweetfest on Tuesday July 2. Please sign the petition to urge representatives to defend human life, and spread the word via facebook and twitter. Make your voice heard!

Sign the Petition:



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Jul 1, 2013
The One Child Policy Drives Human Trafficking in China

To this day, China’s atrocious One-Child policy has resulted in 400 million forced abortions and sterilizations.

Due to a cultural preference for sons, baby girls are more likely to be aborted or killed shortly after birth. In 2012, it was estimated that there were 40 million more men than women in China. This gender imbalance has created a high demand for women which has lead to even more human rights abuses in China, like human trafficking.

China was given the lowest ranking in the U.S. State Department yearly Trafficking in Person’s Report. This ranking is determined by standards set by the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA). Details of the country’s current policies are described in the Country Narrative.

The Country Narrative for China states,

“The Chinese government’s birth limitation policy and a cultural preference for sons, create a skewed sex ratio of 118 boys to 100 girls in China, which served as a key source of demand for the trafficking of foreign women as brides for Chinese men and for forced prostitution.”

The U.S. government has acknowledged that the one child policy aids human trafficking and the Chinese government has poorly addressed this issue – to say the least. Not only has China victimized its women by creating a life of terror during their fertile years, it also hurts women in surrounding countries. To truly liberate women in China, the inhuman one child policy must be repealed.

There is no ‘choice’ involved in forced abortions and these forced abortions are driving the human trafficking market. Whether you identify as “pro-choice” or “pro-life,” all Americans should be able to agree that China’s grievous human rights violations must be addressed.


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