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May 20, 2010
Mother Must Be Praying

The Susan B. Anthony List’s “Celebration of Life Breakfast” was blessed with the presence of Marie Miller, a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Front Royal, VA. Marie performed her song “Mother Must Be Praying” for the over 500 guests in attendance, including the event’s headliner, Sarah Palin. Marie wrote the song with award winning producer Mark Heimmerman and Nashville based songwriter Judson Spence. She shared the following comments:


“The song is about the power of a mother's prayer, and I am constantly experiencing this power through the beautiful intercession of my mother. She is my hero, teacher, and friend, and I know I am blessed because of her prayers. Through her example as a mother, she has showed me the value of every human life. I am so proud to be a young woman who is 100% pro-life. I know this is widely due to my mom's prayer and example. That's why "Mother Must be Praying" is one of my favorite songs to sing.”


Marie has had the chance to spread this beautiful pro-life message around the world from India to the District of Columbia while captivating her audience, which has included everyone from teens to the religiously consecrated and politicians. “Last month I played "Mother Must be Praying" in Calcutta, India at Mother Teresa's home for the sick and the dying.  Most recently I performed it for the wonderful people attending the Susan B. Anthony List breakfast with Sarah Palin. My only explanation for all these blessed opportunities is that my mom and God are close friends!”


 “He delights in her humble heart and gives her living water.....” is the line that touches Marie’s heart the most each time she performs. This is because it serves as a reminder of how amazingly humble mothers are. Marie states: “They are constantly doing beautiful work without any praise from the world. What is so unbelievable is that they are doing the most important work: teaching, loving, and nurturing the next generation.” This generation is ensured a future by the strong pro-life convictions of young leaders like Marie Miller. Thank you Marie!



Below are the lyrics to Marie’s song “Mother Must Be Praying”


Out here in oblivion everyone's sleep walking

Blissfully unaware of kingdoms rising and falling

I'm here in this mess living life unconscious

It's painfully obvious I need to find a way out of this


Somewhere there's a candle burning, and a voice that's pleading

Somehow the world keeps turning, one soul believing

The earth trembles and heaven moves

Love is interceding -My mother must be praying


In her quiet place a simple sanctuary

She cries out from her knees to the only God almighty

And He knows her every breath like a father knows His daughter

And He delights in her humble heart and gives her living water


She storming the gates of heaven in the darkest hour

He surrounds her with His presence and reveals His power

The earth trembles and heaven moves

Love is interceding -My mother must be praying


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May 19, 2010
Video Pills


*photo from The De Moines Register


“A person is a person no matter how small”… and an abortion is an abortion regardless of the method used. The May 16, 2010 De Moines Register released an article by Tony Leys titled “Faraway doctors give abortion pills by video” – and the name explains it all!

 "Small Planned Parenthood clinics around Iowa are using a remote-control pill-dispensing system to make abortions available in areas where few doctors offer them. The first-in-the-nation system allows a Planned Parenthood physician from Des Moines to visit with each patient by videoconference, then press a computer button to open a drawer in front of the patient, who could be seated up to 190 miles away. The patient then reaches into the drawer and withdraws the abortion pills… The abortion process in question involves two medications, both of which cause women to miscarry. The first is Mifeprex, a brand name for a pill also known by its chemical name, RU-486. The second drug is misoprostol, which women take at home after taking Mifeprex in the clinic.”

While Planned Parenthood claims that the process is legal, Operation Rescue (a national pro-life group) has filed a complaint with the state medical board. Operation Rescue stated that “The 'telemed abortions' are being done without a licensed physician ever personally seeing or examining the patient" which is "apparently illegal and certainly dangerous.” “Operation Rescue said in its complaint that the failure rate of the medications can be up to 20 percent, and that continued pregnancies can lead to deformed fetuses and deadly infections. The group also contends that at least 13 women have died because of the drugs and that more than 1,100 have suffered serious complications.” The Des Moines Register claims that Operation Rescue “asks the state board to revoke the medical license of Dr. Susan Haskell, the Planned Parenthood chapter's medical director.” A babies life is literally taken away in a matter of minutes and without a doctor present, a true injustice to all, and one of the many dark realities of Planned Parenthood.

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May 19, 2010
Sarah Palin: Susan B. Anthony List Leading the Charge

At the Celebration of Life Breakfast last Friday, May 14th, Governor Sarah Palin took to the stage to thank the Susan B. Anthony List for leading the way for pro-life women in politics.

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