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Aug 5, 2013
Wendy Davis: Hear Our Voice!

Christina Hadford

This afternoon, state senator Wendy Davis (D-TX)—known for opposing a common ground limit to abortion past 20 weeks in Texas—spoke at the National Press Club luncheon. Davis centered her speech on a laudable theme: the power of one’s voice. She stressed the importance of "speaking for those who can't speak for themselves, and of being true to what they would say."

But, interestingly enough, Davis blatantly disregards her own motto. Late-term abortions involve two people: the mother and the baby. Davis ignores both.

She purports, "Women were turned away, and unable to give their voice on a decision that would have a very large impact on their lives." Yet, at least five national polls—Quinnipiac, National Journal, Huffington Post, NBC/Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post/ABC News —all found that a plurality or majority of Americans support limiting abortion after 20 weeks gestation, and that women support the measure in higher numbers than men.

Whether or not Davis herself believes that killing a 20 week old baby capable of feeling pain should be legal, polls prove that most women do not believe it should be. Davis claims that women’s “voices are too often drowned out by people who are in power." By fighting so forcefully against a law that more women support than oppose, Davis herself is acting as the agent drowning out the voices of women.

Davis also discounts the voices of the unborn victims of abortion. She continuously reiterates that denying a voice for a segment of our population is one of society’s greatest ills. Yet, Davis conveniently fails to mention over 50 million babies that have been aborted since Roe v. Wade. They have not just been denied a voice, but an entire life.

America has spoken, and their choice is clear. They want legislation that protects women from the Gosnell-style abortion clinics endemic to America; they want to protect the most vulnerable members of society from the barbaric late-term abortion industry; they want to be heard and listened to. Davis has done anything but that. She has used the Texas abortion bill as a political maneuver to obtain quick stardom. So I ask you, Mrs. Davis, please hear my voice and the voices of the plurality of women and children who have expressed similar sentiments: stop subjecting women and children to dangerous abortion practices, and respect our rights to speak for ourselves.

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Aug 2, 2013
Women Speak For Themselves

Yesterday, Women Speak For Themselves held a rally in Lafayette Park, right in front on the White House, to protest the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Mandate that forces businesses and institutions to provide abortion-inducing drugs to their employees through health insurance.  The major theme of the rally was religious freedom, protesting the government’s attempt to force religious institutions to violate their consciences by providing drugs and services to which they morally object to their employees.

 This mandate is a direct violation of our first freedoms, namely the freedom of religion, and is explicitly pro-abortion.  By calling life-ending drugs “necessities,” government is bringing us to a new level of callousness towards life.  Making abortion-inducing drugs readily available as a form of “health care” also further commodifies sex and the new life that may be created.  This is sad and disappointing.  The mandate – and in essence the Department of Health and Human Services – puts no value on life and is truly waging a war on mother- and fatherhood in addition to religious freedoms and conscience.

 Women deserve better than abortion and abortion-inducing drugs, and those gathered as a part of the Women Speak For Themselves movement recognize this.  Women should not be forced to accept such low standards of “health care,” especially drugs and procedures which violate their conscience.

 Women Speak For Themselves is made up of women across the country committed to spreading the truth about the HHS Mandate, and ensuring that the voice of those who object to it is heard.  Please consider signing on at!


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Jul 30, 2013
3 Ex-Planned Parenthood Employees Testify

Gosnell is Not An OutlierPlanned Parenthood has been leading the public relations effort to dismiss Kermit Gosnell’s “house of horrors” as an outlier.

… But that’s a lie.

The SBA List has already documented copious instances of abortion industry brutality and negligence across 15 states – and TODAY, at a State Senate hearing in Delaware, even more will be exposed.

Three former abortion clinic employees are coming forward to recount the brutal practices and negligence which led them to quit their jobs. They are former employees of Planned Parenthood.

Months ago, SBA List worked with our Delaware allies at A Rose & A Prayer to shed light on the testimony of Joyce Vasikonis and Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich. These former Planned Parenthood nurses quit their jobs after becoming fed up with the clinic’s unsafe, unsanitary “meat-market style assembly-line abortions.”

Today, they’ll be joined by another former colleague, clinic manager Melody Meanor. Together, these women will explain how Planned Parenthood:

  • Rushed abortions through at a “meat market,” “assembly-line” pace
  • Deceived the public by pretending they were a clinic in good standing
  • Failed to inform as many as 200 women of their positive tests for sexually transmitted diseases and infections and failed to notify 87 women of the results of their colposcopies
  • Denied the drug RhoGAM to low-income, Rh negative women who need it to protect against an increased risk of stillbirth with future pregnancies

America’s Abortion Giant – the standard-bearer – cannot claim that Kermit Gosnell, Douglas Karpen, and a host of other abortion clinic horrors nationwide are isolated incidents while their own employees expose them for complete disregard for the health and well being of women.

We MUST expose this abuse. That’s why members of the SBA List team will be at the hearing today, standing shoulder to shoulder with our Delaware allies.

We’ll be there to live tweet the hearing, take pictures, share the evidence, and talk with the media.

We won’t let the media ignore Planned Parenthood’s complete failure to stand up for the dignity and safety of women. Will you help us expose them? Please take a moment to:

  • Share our multistate FACT SHEET on abortion industry brutality happening nationwide.
  • Share one of our Planned Parenthood infographics on your facebook and twitter pages – These bright images pack a punch of information.
  • Share our TV ad featuring Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood manager who explained that her superiors actually told her to increase the number of abortions performed at the clinic.

Don’t forget to follow @SBAList on twitter and on facebook in order to check out our coverage of tomorrow’s hearing. We will keep you posted as this situation develops.

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