December, 2012

Dec 6, 2012
Marco Rubio: Life Begins at Conception
This week pro-life rockstar Senator Marco Rubio participated in POLITICO's Playbook Breakfast. At one point, reporter Mike Allen told Senator Rubio that he may run for higher office one day and have to answer difficult questions, after which he asked him, "When does life begin?"Senator Rubio promptly and firmly replied, "at conception."Going on, Senator Rubio said, "Science has definitively established that life begins at conception, I wish more people in this city understood that."Check out...Read More

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Dec 3, 2012
VIDEO: Siblings Together in the Womb
Check out this amazing video from researchers in London! Unborn babies pushing and kicking each other in utero -- another example how ultrasound technology is changing the way we see life in the womb.From WTVR:Striking new MRI images show that for twins, sibling rivalry starts early–even before birth.  Researchers in London were trying to find out more about a rare blood disease that can complicate the pregnancies for women carrying twins, when they captured video of what appears to be two...Read More

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