November, 2011

Nov 30, 2011
A Mother’s Love: "we wouldn’t change anything about her."
When you first looked at the picture of fourteen month old Taya Kennedy, you notice her smile, rosy cheeks, and the absolute joy that radiates from her face.  Although this little girl has Down’s syndrome, her level of energy is that of a child’s without any disabilities.  Without the care of her parents, especially her mother Gemma Andre, Taya would not be surpassing expert’s expectations of maturity in growth and awareness.  The UK Daily Mail reports that from the moment Taya...Read More

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Nov 30, 2011
Pro-life Nurses Continue Fighting for Their Conscience Rights
Pro-life nurses in New Jersey are moving forward with their lawsuit against the University of Medicine and Dentistry, having been forced against their will to assist in abortions or face losing their jobs.The Washington Post reported that one of the nurses was deliberately asked to assist in an abortion. Nurse Fe Esperanza R. Vinoya said a manager told her: “‘you just have to catch the baby’s head. Don’t worry, it’s already dead.’ ” Imagine the horror that Nurse Vinoya experienced at this...Read More

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Nov 28, 2011
On December 9th Abortion Clinic Doors will CLOSE in Minnesota!
Another clinic bites the dust.  After many innocent deaths, LifeSiteNews is reporting that Minnesota’s abortion clinic – GYN Special Services Clinic – located at the Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, will close its doors!  Local pro-life activists report that this is the first abortion clinic closure in two decades for the state of Minnesota.  The numbers of abortions for the clinic this past year have been down and compared to previous years they were performing 55% below...Read More

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Nov 22, 2011
Life Fest Film Festival To Be Held in Hollywood
Once again Hollywood will host a unique Film Festival in May 2012.It is not any ordinary film festival. You probably won’t see Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. It’s the 2012 Life Fest Film Festival, which will be held in Los Angeles next summer. Life Fest will feature “films that reinforce the intrinsic worth of innocent human life, and the profound significance of each life”. This aspect of human dignity is rarely seen in films of our current culture.How nice to...Read More

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Nov 21, 2011
Your Presence is Powerful on December 5, 2011
720 deaths in one year, in one city, in one office, performed by one “doctor” – rather staggering statistics.  Are you going to sit by while the death toll rises?  Last December, Leroy Carhart began his weekly travels from Nebraska to Maryland to perform late-term abortions at Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Germantown, MD. Since then, 720 lives have been taken and countless women and families have been hurt through the death of these innocent babies.  ...Read More

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Nov 18, 2011
Former Planned Parenthood Manager Joins Pro-Life Movement
Chris Crawford
Add Sue Thayer to the long list of former Planned Parenthood workers to quit their jobs and join the Pro-Life movement. Thayer was the manager of Planned Parenthood in Storm Lake, Iowa. She addressed pro-lifers during the closing web cast of 40 Days for Life.Thayer confirms what we have known for decades: Planned Parenthood chooses profit over people. She recalls that America’s abortion giant blatantly defies the FDA by performing “telemed abortions”, in which Planned Parenthood supplies women...Read More

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Nov 17, 2011
Radiance Foundation Video Calls Out Guttmacher

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Nov 16, 2011
Pro-Life is Pro-Woman
Nora Sullivan
Radical pro-abortion advocates have long held that their outrageous position is in fact pro-women’s rights. In a recent article entitled “The Men Behind the War on Women” in the Huffington Post, Laura Bassett ranted against the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for opposing ObamaCare due do to the fact that it would fund abortions. Ms. Bassett’s article (which is soaked in anti-life and anti-Catholic sentiment) disparages the bishop’s position, which she sees as anti-woman.However,...Read More

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Nov 15, 2011
Quebec facing low fertility rates
Anissa Borchardt
The family is the driving force behind economic recovery and the basic unit to a civil society; and yet today we see a growing movement to take away the value of the family and child-bearing. We are seeing programs available in many parts of the world claiming to be representative of the family but are just a means of controlling fertility rates. Recently attention has been drawn to one part of the world in which “family planning” programs have had a devastating effect on the economy....Read More

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Nov 15, 2011
Kagan E-Mails Question Her Partiality, Confirm Meaninglessness of Executive Order
Nora Sullivan
Recently released e-mails between then Solicitor General (and current Supreme Court Justice) Elena Kagan and a high ranking Department of Justice official have revealed that these senior officials understood that the Executive Order signed by President Obama was simply for show and carried no real weight. This revelation has increased the calls for Justice Kagan to recuse herself as the Supreme Court considers whether key provisions of the healthcare reform law are constitutional“I hear they...Read More

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