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Apr 22, 2010
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Sarah Palin coming to SBA List!


From Politico:

 Former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin will headline an anti-abortion fundraising breakfast in Washington this May.

 Palin will speak to donors to the Susan B. Anthony List — a group that backs candidates who oppose abortion rights.

 “Gov. Palin sees the value, necessity and joy inherent in every human life,” said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Gov. Palin is the modern personification of the authentic leadership modeled by early women’s rights trailblazers like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Our nation’s earliest women leaders understood that women’s rights could never be advanced at the expense of the broken rights of innocent unborn children.”

 The May 14 breakfast will be held at the Ronald Reagan building in downtown Washington.

Find out more about Sarah Palin’s DC visit here

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Apr 21, 2010
Politico: Abortion foes wage war on old allies

This morning in Politico, Alex Isenstadt reports on the blossoming campaign on behalf of pro-life groups, including the Susan B. Anthony List, to expose the pro-abortion healthcare vote cast by members of the Stupak bloc leading up to elections in November.

From Politico:

Four separate campaigns are in the works, aimed at anti-abortion House Democrats who voted for the health care bill and designed around the notion that those Democrats signed on to legislation that lacked restrictions ensuring that federal funds would not be spent to provide coverage for abortions.

Some of the targeted members — largely, though not exclusively, vulnerable and junior Democrats — voted for the bill after Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) cut a deal with the White House that President Barack Obama would sign an executive order ensuring that the bill would not provide such funding.


the Susan B. Anthony List, an organization that aims to elect female candidates who oppose abortion, will soon launch a $1 million campaign targeting five House Democrats that will be spent on TV, radio and an on-the-ground informational effort.

“It will be very, very hard for them to present themselves as pro-life Democrats. It will be difficult for them to say that with a straight face because of the counter-messaging that will be going on in their races,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List. “It was very clear that we had to respond decisively to the sellout on behalf of these pro-life Democrats — and we are."

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Apr 20, 2010
Analysis: “Why Young Voters Are Lukewarm on Abortion Rights”

    newsweek header

      The latest edition of news magazine Newsweek includes an interesting article by Sarah Kliff entitled, “Remember Roe! How can the next generation defend abortion rights when they don’t think abortion rights need defending?” The article paints a bleak picture for the future of the pro-abortion movement in America.

    The author interviewed NARAL Pro-Choice America President Nancy Keenan for the article.

    “Keenan considers herself part of the ‘postmenopausal militia,’ a generation of baby-boomer activists now well into their 50s who grew up in an era of backroom abortions and fought passionately for legalization. Today they still run the major abortion-rights groups, including NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the National Organization for Women.”

    Keenan is distraught that they are losing the abortion debate among young people. This distress was illustrated by her story of getting off the subway at Union Station in Washington, D.C. only to be greeted by a “swarm” of pro-life activists gathering for the 37th Annual March for Life.

    “‘I just thought, my gosh, they are so young,’ Keenan recalled. ‘There are so many of them, and they are so young.’ March for Life estimates it drew 400,000 activists to the Capitol this year. An anti-Stupak rally two months earlier had about 1,300 attendees.”

    Indeed, this year’s March for Life was one of the largest in recent years, and by my estimation, a clear majority of marchers were young people, many of whom traveled on buses from across the country with school pro-life groups or church youth groups. This year’s Students for Life conference, held in Washington the day after the March, was the largest one ever, attracting over 1,000 pro-life students from across the country, as well as attendees from two other countries.

    The article goes on to make the point that since “Milennials”, the term used to describe those currently under 30, have lived with legal abortion all their lives, pro-abortion young people are less motivated to defend the “right” to abortion. On the other hand, pro-life young people have a greater passion for the issue. This is backed up by a NARAL poll showing 51% of young voters who oppose abortion consider it a “very important” voting issue compared to just 26% of abortion supporters who consider it as such.

    It shouldn’t be such a surprise that young voters are overwhelmingly moving to the pro-life side and are passionate about the issue. Why? Because we are the generation abortion has hit the hardest. Abortion was legalized in 1973, and we have lost 50,000,000 of our friends, husbands, wives, policemen, firefighters, doctors, soldiers, etc. since then.

    Young people are finally starting to get the picture. We see abortion as the human rights issue that it is. We have grown up with constantly advancing technology such as four-dimensional sonograms that show us the liveliness and humanity of the unborn child. We are questioning the idea that abortion is a woman’s “choice” and we should stay out of it. We will fight for the truth.

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