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Apr 15, 2010
Babies Pay on Tax Day


Tax Day is a somber reminder of the assault on innocent human life we've endured since President Obama took office.
In just one year, President Obama has:

Reversed the Mexico City Policy, meaning that your tax dollars now fund abortions overseas. (1/23/09)
Expanded taxpayer funding of Embryo-Destructive Stem Cell Research. (3/9/09)
Sent $50 Million to the United Nations Population Fund, which has aided in China's coercive abortion and sterilization program. (3/23/09)

Forced Americans to pay for abortions in Washington, D.C. for the first time in twenty years.(5/7/09)                                                                                                                                         

What's more, Congress had the opportunity to prevent taxpayer funded abortion by putting language similar to the Hyde Amendment in the ObamaCare bill. But Congress defied the will of the American people by settling for a meaningless Executive Order. For the first time in over 30 years, American taxpayers --you and I-- will be forced to pay for abortions across the country.                            
President Obama is clearly defying the will --the conscience-- of the American people. In fact, a Quinnipiac Survey  in December found that nearly 70% percent of Americans oppose public funding of abortion.
And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it does.
Obama's proposed 2011 budget increases taxpayer funding for abortion on-demand both domestically and around the globe. Obama even wants to increase annual funding of Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion clinic provider, up to a staggering $327 million a year!
Enough is Enough!
Please help the Susan B. Anthony List fight back today by doing two things:
1. Link to this blog post on Facebook and Twitter. Help us expose the truth about our tax dollars funding abortion!
2. Donate at least $5, $10, or $25 right now to the Susan B. Anthony List. We work tirelessly every day to protect the consciences of American taxpayers. While the government chooses to fund abortionists like Planned Parenthood, I hope that you will choose to support us in our mission to protect your tax dollars and lives of innocent, unborn baby boys and girls.

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Apr 14, 2010
Laces for Life

laces 4 life

Check out this cool opportunity to spread the pro-life’s as easy as tying your shoes!

Laces for Life is a pro-life awareness campaign. By wearing shoelaces in a blue or pink color with the words "Laces for Life" printed on them, pro-life people are able to make a very visible and clear message in support of unborn life in the womb. By providing awareness through your Laces for Life, you are changing minds and hearts on the issue of abortion. Who knew that you could make such an important impact by simply owning a pair of shoes?

Laces for Life is an important step to providing a voice for the unborn in a time where abortion is a major concern for millions of Americans. Join in the fight against abortion!
To learn more and to purchase laces, go to

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Apr 13, 2010
The Wrong Baby?

The St. Petersburg Times reported today that a doctor in Sarasota, Florida had his medical license revoked after unintentionally aborting the wrong baby.  A woman, pregnant with twins, wanted her baby boy, diagnosed with congenital problems and possibly Down Syndrome, to be aborted.  The doctor aborted the “wrong baby,” the female twin.

Wrong baby?  Who are we to say which life is worth more than the other?  The termination of either baby would be just as wrong.  Because of the “mistake,” the mother decided to end the lives of both children.

The practice of selective abortion is more prevalent than one would think.  Sadly, doctors and parents try to play the role of God, deciding which children deserve to live.

To read more about this terrible trend and the disturbing results of this particular case, go here.

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