Votes Have Consequences

Nov 5, 2010
For Democrats on Abortion, Votes Have Consequences
From SBA List's Maura Butler's new guest post up over at Lifenews.comAn historic election day has left us with a most promising pro-life majority in the House of Representatives.The bellwether health care bill separated the sheep from the goats and gave...Read More
Oct 6, 2010
Politico: Health vote haunts anti-abortion Dems
This morning, the Susan B. Anthony List is featured in the Politico for our efforts to defeat self-described "pro-life Democrats" who put party above principle and betrayed their pro-life constituents by voting for the largest expansion of abortion on-...Read More
Aug 20, 2010
CBN: Federal Abortion Funding Fight Hits the Road
Check out this great interview with Congresswoman Musgrave in front of the U.S. Capitol with the Votes Have Consequences Express!From CBN News:The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List is taking its fight against government-funded abortions on the road.The...Read More
Aug 17, 2010
Setting the record straight
Catholics United, a group funded by George Soros, a self-avowed atheist and longtime financier of Planned Parenthood, NOW, and NARAL, sent disruptive protesters to our Votes Have Consequences stop in Erie, Pennsylvania where local pro-life activists...Read More