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Jul 19, 2011
Why Do Women Really Have Abortions?
When discussing the topic of abortion, one question invariably arises—why do women decide to have abortions? In answer to this important question, pro-abortion groups have, at best, redefined words and ignored statistics. At worst, groups, such as...Read More
Apr 3, 2011
BREAKING: Republican Presidential Hopefuls Tell SBA List: Defund Planned Parenthood
This week, the Susan B. Anthony List contacted Republican presidential hopefuls to ask them where they stand on defunding Planned Parenthood. Several hopefuls, including Rep. Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and Sen. Rick...Read More
Nov 4, 2010
New Video from Sarah Palin Highlights Pro-life Candidates
Sarah Palin's latest video saluts the wins of pro-life candidates across the country, including many endorsed by the SBA List!Check it out, and keep your eyes open for pro-lifers Kelly Ayotte (NH Senator-elect) Nikki Haley (SC Governor-elect), Mary...Read More
Aug 26, 2010
DANNENFELSER: 'Mama Grizzlies' Embody Authentic Feminism
Just in time for the SBA List's "Conversation on Pro-life Feminism" this morning at The Yale Club in NYC (Which is now available to watch in full), SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser had an op-ed on Politics Daily continuing to herald the arrival...Read More
Jul 8, 2010
Mama Grizzlies
Check out this video from SarahPAC on the rise of pro-life women, the "Mama Grizzlies," she first mentioned at the Susan B. Anthony List Celebration of Life Breakfast on May 14th.Great video, Governor Palin!Read More
May 19, 2010
Sarah Palin: Susan B. Anthony List Leading the Charge
At the Celebration of Life Breakfast last Friday, May 14th, Governor Sarah Palin took to the stage to thank the Susan B. Anthony List for leading the way for pro-life women in politics.Read More
Apr 8, 2010
Sarah Palin Campaigns for Michele Bachmann
Yesterday two pro-life heroes came together as Sarah Palin joined Rep. Michele Bachmann in Minnesota for a campaign rally. These two women are the rockstars of the pro-life movement andSusan B. Anthony List is thrilled to have a strong relationship with...Read More