pro-life celebrities

Jun 21, 2012
Oh Baby, Baby
When asked his views on abortion, the teenage pop sensation, Justin Bieber flicked his famous hair back and said, “I don’t believe in abortion, it’s like killing a baby.”While he may not become the intellectual figure head of the pro-life movement any...Read More
Apr 14, 2011
One Sheen that knows being pro-life is “winning”!
No, not Charlie. It’s his dad, Martin Sheen. In a recent interview with an Irish news outlet, actor Martin Sheen spoke about his pro-life views and his devotion to the Catholic faith. When asked about his wife, Janet Templeton, being conceived by a rape...Read More
Apr 11, 2011
This Saturday: Pro-life Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA
     LifeNews reports:Pro-life advocates from across the country are coming to Tinseltown to see some of the best pro-life-themed films conveying what Hollywood typically forgets in its movies — a respect for life. With...Read More
Feb 17, 2011
Janine Turner: No Truce on Social Issues
Over at the Politico Arena Blog, Actress, educator, radio host and longtime friend of the SBA List Janine Turner makes a case against the so-called "truce" on social issues: How does one make a truce on social issues? Human beings are social...Read More
Dec 21, 2010
Two Celebrities Prove Themselves Emphatically Pro-Life
What does actor Jim Caviezel (of the Passion of the Christ) and England’s Lord Nicholas Windsor (Son of the Duke of Kent) have in common? I’ll give you a hint: it’s definitely not their accents.Again, recent interviews show that they share more than...Read More
Oct 18, 2010
Susan Boyle: A Dream to Live
Singing sensation Susan Boyle has shattered the mold of who a successful and talented singer should be. The 49-year-old astonished everyone in 2009 when she gave her show-stopping performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” on Britain’s Got Talent.Well,...Read More