40 Days for Life

Jun 16, 2015
3 Steps for Supporting and Strengthening Your 40 Days for Life Campaign
Consider this great opportunity to save lives in your local community! From now until June 30, 40 days for Life is accepting applications from new people who want to lead local 40 Days for Life campaigns this fall (from September 23 - November 1). ...Read More
Jul 19, 2013
Amazing News from 40 Days for Life
Exciting things are happening in Texas! Yesterday evening, 40 Days for Life sent out a press release with what David Bereit calls "the biggest news we've EVER shared."From the release:Bryan/College Station, Texas -- The most significant abortion center...Read More
Apr 2, 2012
A Look Back at the 40 Days for Life Campaign
Looking back at these 40 days of prayer, fasting, and peaceful protest it looks as though there has been great success in the efforts of all the pro-lifers who participated in the 40 Days for Life Campaign! According to Sean Carney of 40 Days for...Read More
Nov 18, 2011
Former Planned Parenthood Manager Joins Pro-Life Movement
Add Sue Thayer to the long list of former Planned Parenthood workers to quit their jobs and join the Pro-Life movement. Thayer was the manager of Planned Parenthood in Storm Lake, Iowa. She addressed pro-lifers during the closing web cast of 40 Days for...Read More
Nov 8, 2011
10 Steps To Get Involved in the Pro-Life Movement
You might say to yourself: I am opposed to abortion, I want Roe v. Wade to be overturned, I want pro-life  heroes to be leading our country and the states, but HOW?  Here is a list of 10 ways that you can become involved in spreading the Pro-...Read More
Oct 21, 2011
The Traveling Abortionist
Who wants to arrive to their doctor’s office with four signs on the outside door that say; No children allowed, No cell phones or electronic devices, No large bags allowed, or Smile, you’re on camera!  Welcome to the office of Dr. LeRoy Carhart -...Read More
Oct 5, 2011
Infamous IL Abortion Clinic Closes
An infamous Illinois abortion clinic- notorious for hateful and vulgar signs in the windows as well as abuse of peaceful pro-life protesters- has been shut down. The Illinois Department of Public Health has suspended the operating license for the...Read More
May 31, 2011
Right to Life Organizers in the UK take their cues from US Success
The International Pro-Life Community can take heart in light of a recently published article by British news service, The Guardian. In his article, Monday, reporter Ben Quinn commented on the thriving efforts of Pro-Life groups within the United Kingdom....Read More
Mar 29, 2011
Halfway to 40...days, that is
Today is Day 21. The first successful half of this spring’s 40 Days for Life is behind us. None of us knows what joys await us in the second half! For Lent, I decided to take one hour of my prayer time & devote it to the important prayer apostolate...Read More
Nov 2, 2010
40 Days for Life Campaign Ends With Huge Success!
LifeNews is reporting that the recent 40 Days for Life campaign has ended with an incredible 541 babies and their mothers saved from the horror of abortion!  The 40 Days for Life campaign uses three methods to get its message across: community...Read More