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Feb 26, 2014
West Va. House Passes 20 Week Abortion Limit Following Uproar

“The West Virginia House joined a swift moving popular movement to protect unborn children from the painful death of abortion after 20 weeks – that’s more than halfway through pregnancy...The Democratic Party has a history of protecting vulnerable Americans. Senator Manchin has an opportunity to reclaim that heritage by becoming the first Democratic cosponsor of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.”

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Feb 25, 2014
International Norm: Vast Majority of Countries Limit Abortion after 20 Weeks

CLI LogoA new report authored by Charlotte Lozier Institute associate scholar Angelina Baglini and co-released by CLI and Life Canada finds that the United States and Canada are two of only seven in the world to permit elective abortion beyond 20 weeks.  The two nations join China, North Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Netherlands in allowing abortion more than halfway through pregnancy, when the unborn child feels pain.

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Feb 24, 2014
SBA List Files SCOTUS Brief in First Amendment Case

“Our founders braved the threat of the gallows so that we would not have to fear speaking our true convictions. What is a chill of speech? In a word it is fear – fear that speech may land one in jail or subject the speaker to ruinous fines,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of Susan B. Anthony List. “As a wife and mother of five I can tell you that the fear of imprisonment and crippling fines has been real. We hope to see our First Amendment rights affirmed by the Court so that, headed into the 2014 senate elections, we may expose the truth about Obamacare and those who support it." 

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Feb 19, 2014
SBA List Candidate Fund Endorses Lizbeth Benacquisto in FL-19 Special Election

Lizbeth BenacquistoThe Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund has endorsemed state senator Lizbeth Benacquisto for Florida’s 19th congressional district. As we ramp up our efforts for the 2014 election cycle, this race is a critical opportunity to send an articulate, strong pro-life woman to Washington ahead of schedule. State Senator Benacquisto’s extensive leadership experience will make her forceful and dynamic addition to the House Pro-life Women’s Caucus.

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Feb 12, 2014
The Political Desperation of Wendy Davis

National and Texas-based polling shows Wendy Davis’ extreme abortion position is repellant to voters, including women, young people, and Hispanics. Most Americans simply can’t stomach the brutality of late abortion and are moving towards compassionate, common ground limits. Only political desperation could cause Davis to try to give the appearance of moving with them, while at the same time maintaining abortion as her ‘sacred ground,’ and eviscerating the goals of the legislation.”

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Feb 3, 2014
Abortion Decline Reflective of America’s Growing Weariness of Abortion Violence

“The debates going on in the states and on the federal level to protect babies after 20 weeks, ban sex-selection, stop taxpayer funding of abortion, and more, are evidence themselves that our arguments are convincing. The child in the womb is increasingly being seen for what she is: a second victim of the violence of abortion. Guttmacher’s new report is another indication that our nation is indeed growing weary of the destruction wrought by legalized abortion on demand.”

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Jan 28, 2014
U.S. House Votes to Stop Obamacare’s Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

“The SBA List is grateful for the bipartisan leadership of pro-life Representatives Chris Smith and Dan Lipinski in advancing this much needed legislation to fix the abortion funding problems in Obamacare. We expect the House to pass this measure and urge the Senate to follow suit. If President Obama was at all sincere when promising this protection in 2009, he should sign this legislation when it reaches his desk.”

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Jan 24, 2014
RNC Passes Resolution Advancing Pro-life Goals

“Republican committeemen and women affirm what women know. It is time to be fearless, compassionate and purposeful in communicating our life-affirming views. To fail to do so undermines the purpose of running for office: winning so we can lead.”

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Jan 22, 2014
41 Years after Roe, Women Support Compassionate Protections for the Unborn

“The abortion lobby and pro-abortion extremists in the Democratic Party do not speak for the majority of Americans who support a compassionate ban on late abortion – legislation that is overwhelmingly supported by women. The SBA List is proud to stand with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and the other committeemen and women at today’s March for Life to support Barrosse’s resolution.

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Jan 21, 2014
Grassroots Campaign Urges Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor to Back Pro-Life Bill

Most recently when asked about the legislation by National Review, Senator Pryor “looked at [at the reporter], sort of smiled, said nothing, and kept walking.” Similarly, Pryor’s office has refused to answer similar questions from Talk Business Arkansas. Pryor’s 2014 senatorial opponent, Congressman Tom Cotton, voted for the companion legislation which passed the U.S. House of Representatives last June.

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