KMEG: Values Voter Bus Tour Touring Iowa


This article first appeared online at on August 11, 2011.

Values Voter Bus Tour Touring Iowa

SIOUX CITY, IA - A few social conservative groups teamed up to travel across the Hawkeye state before the Iowa Straw Poll. The Values Voter Bus Tour stopped in Sioux City Thursday.

The bus is traveling statewide for the Iowa Straw Polls. Three organizations teamed up for the tour. The National Organization for Marriage, Susan B. Anthony List, women's pro–life group, and the Family Research Council out of Washington D.C.

The tour is meeting up with different presidential candidates along the way. They're trying to reach out to voters who support their values of marriage, pro–life and religious sanctity. The group will support presidential candidates who agree with their thoughts on the economy and cultural issues.

"We all share the message of marriage, an intact family is going to save taxpayers a lot of money. The government doesn't then have to step in with programs," said Connie Mackey, with the Family Research Council. "So we encourage all of the laws and policies that will support in–tact families as a way of bringing back the economy."

One presidential candidate swung by this stop. Thaddeus McCotter, a republican Representative from Michigan. He has been in office for five terms and was also a state senator and a county commissioner before that.

McCotter said he wants to give Iowa voters the respect and attentiveness they deserve considering Iowa is the first caucus in the nation.

"With the financial market still unavailable to be restructured and recapitalized, we're gonna to continue to see the work of the people suffer. People are worried about their homes, their jobs, their children's future." said McCotter. "And this is not what the greatest nation on Earth and the world's leading economy needs to endure. And so what we need is action and action now and I would bring that if elected the President of the United States."

Minnesota presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann will meet up with the bus tour Friday. The Values Bus may take this expedition nationwide depending if donors step up.