The Rising of the Mama Grizzlies


Susan B. Anthony List and the Celebration of Life Breakfast

On May 14, 2010, The Celebration of Life Breakfast, held at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C., was hosted by Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List and General Chairman Jane Abraham, with keynote speaker former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The breakfast came on the heels of two critical wins for the pro-life movement directly resulting from the organization’s grassroots efforts: Rep. Bart Stupak’s decision to retire, and the primary defeat Tuesday night of his close ally, Rep. Allan Mollohan of West Virginia.  Both so-called “pro-life Democrats” voted for a healthcare bill that included federal funding for abortion, despite their public commitment to stripping the bill of any federal funding for elective abortions.

Sarah Palin’s speech captured national media attention, and the themes she emphasized are continuing to echo in the dialogue of “authentic, pro-life feminism.” She hit the nail on the head when she spoke of a new kind of feminism that embraces life and tells women that they are capable of both being mothers and having a career. Palin talked about “empowering women” by making sure women who are pregnant in “less-than-ideal circumstances” know that they have options. She talked beautifully about her son Trig and the beautiful challenge of raising a son with Down syndrome. She talked about “a new revival of that original feminism of Susan B. Anthony” and  said, “Together, we’re showing young women that being pro-life is in keeping with the best traditions of the women’s movement.” And of course, she famously characterized today’s political women as “Mama Grizzlies,” who are upset about the “generational theft” and this “fundamental change” and are going to rise up to do something about it, for the sake of their children and for America.

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