Marjorie Dannenfelser's Commentaries

Apr 22, 2015
Pro-life Leaders Call for a Vote on the 5-Month Abortion Limit
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 22, 2015Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 202-223-8073Legislation has been delayed for Three Months Washington, D.C – Today a group of national pro-life leaders released a joint statement urging House...Read More
Mar 3, 2015
Gov. Scott Walker Announces Support of Popular Five-Month Abortion Limit
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 3, 2015Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 202-223-8073 Walker: “I was raised to believe in the sanctity of life and I will always fight to protect it.” Washington, D.C – This afternoon, Wisconsin Governor and...Read More
Feb 5, 2015
Holding, Listening, Rocking – and a Blessing in Turn
Reposted from the Charlotte Lozier Institute, the research and education arm of SBA List.Anthony Tackman, M.D.  |  February 5, 2015. We deal with it fairly often. Or maybe not that often; perhaps it just seems more frequent than it...Read More
Jan 22, 2015
Pro-life Women Leaders Respond to Vote Swap
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 22, 2015Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 703-380-6674“We support Majority Leader McCarthy's call for a prompt vote on Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act this Congress” ...Read More
Dec 31, 2014
Planned Parenthood Annual Report: Fresh Evidence of Abortion-Centered, Profit Driven Business Model
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 31, 2014Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 202-223-8073 America’s #1 Abortion Provider Performed 327,000+ Abortions, Most Other Services Drop WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Planned...Read More
Nov 5, 2014
Dannenfelser: Abortion-Centered “War on Women” Strategy is Dead
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 5, 2014 Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 703-380-6674America has had enough with “Straitjacket Feminism” WASHINGTON, D.C. – Below are prepared remarks for delivery at the National Press Club this afternoon...Read More
Nov 7, 2012
Dannenfelser: GOP Must Return to Fundamentals
Nov. 7, 2012 -- SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser discusses the 2012 election results at the National Press Club alongside conservative leaders. Transcript:"The SBA List and our pro-life mission certainly had some bright spots last night with the...Read More
Nov 7, 2012
Romney Loss A Missed Opportunity
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 7, 2012Contact: Mallory Quigley, 703-380-6674 Dannenfelser: Economy-Only Messaging was a Strategic Error: Winning Margin of Pro-life Votes Left on the Table WASHINGTON, D.C. – Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie...Read More
Jul 2, 2012
Dannenfelser at NRO: Pro-Lifers Must Unite behind Romney
Pro-Lifers Must Unite behind RomneyBy Marjorie DannenfelserThis op-ed originally appeared online at National Review Online's The Corner on July 2, 2012. Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum recently told a gathering of social-conservative voters...Read More
Apr 16, 2012
Dannenfelser in WaPo: How Planned Parenthood Lost its "political Teflon"
This post originally appeared online at The Washington Post on April 16, 2012. Interview: How Planned Parenthood lost its ‘political Teflon’By Sarah Kliff At this time last year, Congress was locked in a fierce battle over Planned Parenthood’s...Read More