Aug 25, 2014
Pro-life Groups Target Sen. Mark Udall for Opposing Popular 5 Month Abortion Limit
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 25, 2014 Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 202-223-8073  Multi-State “Summer of Life” Campaign Raises Awareness of Legislation to Limit Abortions After 20 Weeks, or 5 MonthsWashington, D.C. – Tomorrow,...Read More
Aug 22, 2014
Multi-State Tour Targets Senators Opposing Popular 5 Month Abortion Limit
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 21, 2014 Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 703-380-6674   “Summer of Life” Campaign to Target Sens. Udall, Hagan, and Pryor for Opposing Bill Limiting Abortions More than Halfway Through Pregnancy...Read More
Jul 30, 2014
Rep. Bustos Attempts to Conceal Extreme Pro-Abortion Record
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 30, 2014 Contact: Mallory Quigley, 202-223-8073Wall Street Journal: EMILY’s List Candidates Strategically Avoid Abortion Washington, D.C. – This morning, the national pro-life Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund...Read More
Jul 24, 2014
NYT: Conservatives Write an Assertive New Script to Fight Abortion
Today the New York Times featured Susan B. Anthony List's proven strategy of electing articulate pro-life women leaders to fight the lie that abortion is somehow good for women.Conservatives Write an Assertive New Script to Fight AbortionBy JEREMY W...Read More
Jul 16, 2014
Pro-life Women Slam Senate Democrats and GOP Outliers for Waging War on Religious Liberty
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 16, 2014 Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 703-380-6674 WSO PAC pledges to expose Senators Hagan, Pryor, and LandrieuWashington, D.C – This afternoon Women Speak Out PAC, a partner of the national pro-life...Read More
Jul 15, 2014
Women Leaders Blast Radical Senate Abortion Agenda
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  July 15, 2014 Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 202-223-8073Sen. Blumenthal’s “Women’s Health Protection Act” is Dangerous for Women and ChildrenWashington, D.C. – This morning the U.S. Senate Judiciary...Read More
Jul 14, 2014
New Paper Highlights Sweep of Richard Blumenthal Abortion Expansion
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  July 14, 2014 Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 202-223-8073“Women’s Health Protection Act” Affects Federal & State LawsWashington, D.C. – A new paper authored by Charlotte Lozier Institute’s Legal Policy...Read More
Jul 1, 2014
Improving Joyful Lives: Societal Response to People with Down syndrome
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  July 1, 2014 Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 202-223-8073New Paper Examines the Lives of Men and Women with Down syndromeWashington, D.C. – A new paper authored by Mark Bradford, president of the Jérôme...Read More
Jun 30, 2014
SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Religious Liberty, For Women’s Rights
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 30, 2014Contact: Mallory Quigley,, 703-380-6674 Monumental Victory for Freedom of Religion and Conscience WASHINGTON, D.C. – This morning the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, ruled in...Read More
Jun 30, 2014
Women Speak Out PAC Launches $100,000 Initial Ad buy Against Kay Hagan
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 30, 2014 Contact: Mallory Quigley:, 703-380-6674 Campaign Exposes Hagan’s Support for Painful Late Abortions After 5 MonthsWashington, D.C – Today Women Speak Out PAC, a partner of the national pro-...Read More